2012 so far

The last couple of months have been very busy at Dunbrody Archers with competitions and events taking place in counties Cork, Longford, Waterford, Kilkenny. Limerick, & Meath. 

The club took part in the New Ross St Patricks day parade which meant lots of prep work on the float before hand in the run up to the day itself.  

The club also held several work meets to finalise the new layout of our woodland course which is now nearly complete.

 Club archers Mark Daly (Adamstown) and Lynn Ellingworth (Listerlin) are on blistering form this year so far and are dominating the IFAF Adult Bowhunter Recurve classes. Mark has recently smashed Chris Dawkins long standing Irish Bowhunter Recurve Record. Lynn  too is Irish record holder having extended her own held record recently. Young James Gaynor (Carrigeen ) is a young (Junior) Longbow archer who joined the club last year and is doing very well on the domestic circuit. He is a very determined, and focused archer who has been noticed by experienced IFAF Longbow archers of note.

Likewise Kevin Power is a young archer from The Rower who is putting in very fine results in Junior Bowhunter Recurve category, smashing national records on a frequent basis.  Shannon Mernagh (New Ross) is doing very well in the cub girls Bowhunter Recurve category and will be one to watch over the coming years.

 Here are the Dunbrody victors this year so far.

(Also congrats to all our other members who finished well in these events.)

 IAC informal shoot…


Nikki Carroll  (Ladies Bowhunter Recurve class.)

Black dog UAR shoot…


Mark Daly  (Gents Bowhunter Recurve class)

Lynn Ellingworth (Ladies bowhunter Recurve class)

Kevin Power (Cub boy Barebow Recurve class.)

Shannon Mernagh (Cub girl Bowhunter Recurve class.)

Martin Moylan (Gents Freestyle compound class.)

Evan Cummins (Cub boy Barebow Compound class.)

Loughcrew results as follows…


Martin Moylan (Gents Freestyle Unlimited class),

Mark Daly (Gents Bowhunter Recurve class),

Lynn Ellingworth (Ladies Bowhunter Recurve class),

Rebecca Twomey (Cub girls Bowhunter Recurve class),  

James Gaynor (Junior boy Longbow class).

Warbow Results…


Mark Daly (Gents Bowhunter Recurve class),

Lynn Ellingworth  (Ladies Bowhunter Recurve class.)

Kevin Power  (Junior Bowhunter Recurve class.)

Sarah Nolan  (Junior girl Bowhunter Recurve class.)

Liam Nolan (Cub boy Bowhunter Recurve class.)

Shannon Mernagh (cub girl Bowhunter Recurve class.)

James Gaynor (Junior boy Longbow class.)

Cian Kehoe (Cub boy Bowhunter compound class.)

Na Laoch Dall “Shooting for Girls” Breast Cancer charity indoor shoot…

Well done to all who did well on the day. Results were not released due to the fun nature of the competition.

Drewstown SBG Results…


James Gaynor (Junior boy Longbow class.)

Mark Daly (Gents Bowhunter Recurve class.)

Lynn Ellingworth (Ladies Bowhunter Recurve class.)

Kevin Power  (Cub boy Bowhunter Recurve class.)

Shannon Mernagh (Cub girl Bowhunter Recurve class.)

Evan Cummins (Cub boy Bowhunter Compound class.)

Martin Moylan (Gents Freestyle Unlimited class.)

Catherine Power (Ladies Barebow Compound class.)

(New Irish Records for Mark, Lynn and Kevin on this occasion.)

 Littlewood SBG Results…


Keith Shiel (Gents Bowhunter Recurve class.)

Lynn Ellingworth (Ladies Bowhunter Recurve class.)

Shannon Mernagh Cub girl Bowhunter Recurve class.)

Kevin Power (Cub boy Bowhunter Recurve class.)

Sam Twomey (Cub boy Trad class.)

Brendan Walsh jr (Junior boy Freestyle Unlimited class.)

Limerick SBG Results…


James Gaynor   (Junior boy Longbow class.)

Sam Twomey  (Cub boy Trad class.)

Mark Daly  (Gents Bowhunter Recurve class.)

Helen Kavanagh (Ladies Bowhunter Recurve class.)

Adam Twomey  (Cub boy Bowhunter Recurve class.)

Rebecca Twomey (Cub girl Bowhunter Recurve class.)

Brendan Walsh snr (Gents Freestyle Unlimited class.)

Brendan Walsh jr (Junior boy Freestyle Unlimited class.)

NFAS Scottish Championships 2012

Well done to Lynn Ellingworth who won the Scottish Champs held at Parton recently. Lynn successfully defended her title from last year, shooting very well over both days to finish 12 points ahead of her nearest rival. A fine achievement, congrats Lynn once again.

 International Indoor Mail Match final results.

Well done to all our club archers who took part in this years  IFAA International Mail Match competition. Great results for our club against archers from Brazil, USA, Mamibia, Switzerland, Australia etc. Shooting class Final Results – (AFBHR)- Lynn 2nd, Clodagh 3rd, Diane 4th, Nikki 6th, Sarah 8th. (AMBHR) -Keith 5th, Conrad 8th. Tony 14th. Liam dnf. (AMFSR) – Michéal 17th. (AMHB)- Adrian 4th, Andrew 5th, Alex 6th. (CFBBR) – Shannon 2nd. (CBBBR) Kevin 1st, Liam 2nd. Aaron 5th. (JMFU) Brendan 6th, (JMHB) James 1st.
Congrats to our IFAF friends from the local clubs who did very well too, especially Andy Vagg 1st (AMHB), Jim Waters 2nd (AMBHC)and Thomas Colclough 3rd (AMBHR). Well done all concerned.

 Upcoming events include shoots at Mayo Field Archers, Blue Arrows, Blackdog, Willowhill, Warbow (South East Field Archery Champs)& Na Laoch Dall  so it is a packed schedule for the remainder of the Spring and into the Summer. Italy will host this years European Bow Hunter Championships (EBHC) and UKIFAC 2012 takes place in England. Dunbrody will have archers competing in both events. Dunbrody successfully hosted UKIFAC 2011 at Tintern Abbey last August and this years hosts have claimed that they will be under pressure to match the success and enjoyment of the 2011 competition in Co. Wexford. 

 SEFAC (South East field Archery Champs) 2012 is an annual championships which will be taking place on May 6th & 7th  and is the brainchild of Sarah and Adrian, who have put a lot of work into the proposal and planning. Warbow- Kilkenny will host this inaugural event and Jim Waters and co. have done a great job in designing a challenging course.   

 Dunbrody Archers are supporting next years big JFK50 celebrations in New Ross. As one of the local clubs, we hope to be able to run a fringe event in conjunction with the year long celebration and will be  proud to be part of the festivities as it will be a significant and memorable year for the town. .  

 A special word of thanks to Maureen & Brendan Walsh for being our key holders for the past few years. Very much appreciated.

 So a lot to look forward to over the coming months.

 Dunbrody are to host this years National Champs too, later in the year.   

Andrew (p.r.o)


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